About me!

Some tidbits

  • Work it!
  • Work it!

10 Things To Know About Me

  1. I don’t high-five. I high-kick!
  2. I have a formal degree in photography.
  3. Enjoy a competitive game whether it be board or sport.
  4. Waves, sunshine and sand between my toes, yes please.
  5. Born in Hansburg, Austria and a Polish citizen.
  6. Held the jump roping record in grade school.
  7. Never broken a bone.
  8. Weakness? Cream Cheese.
  9. Savory over sweet.
  10. Adore eclectic finds and flea markets.

The Short Story... Long:


I’m an instant gal pal with an eye for detail and a love of parties. Behind the lens, I become a collaborating fool... photographing the old, the new, the artful, the vintage, the natural, the rustic, the modern, unique, fresh, whimsical, romantic and quirky. You can say I have a vintage heart with stylish flair, and my intuition leads my camera as I share with you the wonder, commitment, laughter of love and tears of joy.

I believe in personal attention, vibrant sentiments and no fuss productions. My camera bag is packed with digital equipment, but I'm a student of film photography. Curious about my name huh? With my parents, I immigrated to the States as a pinch-my-cheeks baby from Poland. I live in the beloved city of San Francisco with the love of my life and 2 bratty (but cute) cats!

  • Work it!
  • Work it!
  • …vintage heart with stylish flair…