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February 13, 2008

To Tip or Not to Tip – on your wedding day.

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It seems that this subject is very unclear to brides and grooms, including wedding vendors. I recently came across a discussion board where brides were giving their tip suggestions-there was even exact percentages given for each vendor used. While this subject can be a little sensitive due to money worries, but let me make a suggestion. Honestly, as a wedding vendor myself, I appreciate any extra amount of money given to me as the next person, however, I do not feel it’s crucial to tip (just much appreciated). When tipping at a restaurant, most follow a certain percent of 10-20, which you could use if you decide to tip your vendors. But the question I pose, isn’t tipping based upon great or disappointing service given? Where did the restaurant standard come from? Tipping is a sign of appreciation for the good service that you received, and I think that goes for all services; hair stylists, waiters to photographers.

In my wedding photography experience, I have received anywhere from 5-10% of the total package price in a tip. Larger photography studios with multiple associate photographers may handle tips a little differently. The owner may never accept a tip but instead distribute the tip between the other photographers on the team for the day. If you’ve hired what I like to call a “one man show” photographer (someone that works on his or her own, like me, not a large studio) and you would like to give a tip keep in mind the main and second photographer. There are circumstances where the main photographer will usually split the tip with the second photographer if one wasn’t specifically given to the assistant, at least that’s how I do it.

Couple’s that have hired wedding planners/coordinators may experience that tipping is necessary or suggested by the wedding planner. At that point, the wedding planner may suggest this as a thank you gift to the vendor. Wedding planners want their bride and groom to be happy as well as the wedding vendors they have hired so be sure to check if your planner requires it or not. I don’t believe there’s a standard to wedding vendor tipping, so use your best judgement and assess your budget. But as I said before, take it on as an appreciation for the service that you receive and not something that’s expected.

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