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February 18, 2008

Trends of 2008 – Bridesmaid Dresses

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Photos courtesy of Priscilla of Boston

I recently saw the movie 27 Dresses with a couple of girlfriends! If you’re looking for a feel-good movie (not to mention super chick flick) then this is one to catch! Able to relate to the idea of being a bridesmaid (just last September) it was hard to accept the extreme dress fashion that the movie showcased, but of course it was all in good fun. I thought maybe it would be good to share what’s really hot this year in bridesmaid dresses!! Not to mention it’s always good to keep your wedding day team happy! After checking out the local magazines, jewel tones are the way to go, especially for a fall wedding. Two popular designers, Priscilla of Boston and Melissa Sweet showcased shades of coppers, golds, purples, eggplants, plums and silvers. Small details like lace, bows, halters and basic silhouettes were top on the list. What I found most refreshing was the new color palette. Rich jewel tones are gorgeous for any skin tone and flattering for almost any season of the year! A great resource for browsing for your ladies wedding attire is Bella Bridesmaids. The owner, Bridget (the most fun southern gal I have ever met) has proven that bridesmaid dresses can be fabulous too!! Variety of locations around the country.

You can find these styles through the links given above.



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