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February 26, 2008

Trends of 2008 – Bridal Flower Bouquets

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Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

I love love love flowers (especially peonies)! They are my favorite detail to photograph at weddings (as you can see in the 3 flower collages!) and give off such an aura about the overall day. Recently, a read a little tid bit about the brides bouquet…the brides make-up for the day should match her bouquet style. I would love to hear what make-up artists think about this idea! Essentially, the style of your bouquet (dramatic, romantic, flirty, natural, etc) says a lot about who you are and what you are portraying on your wedding day, so it makes total sense that it could compliment your make-up, such as your lip gloss or eye shadow. New trend of 2008?!

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

As I’m sure many of you know, hunting for the right flowers for your big day isn’t always the easiest, mainly because flowers go by season. Two important factors when making your flower pick; location/region your getting married in & time of year. If you are looking to stay on a strict budget then I highly recommend sticking to flowers that are local and in season to your wedding day, which will cut costs a lot.

Another suggestion I like to make to my brides is to think about what your details, especially flowers will look like through a lens. Certain colors with strong pigments can show up a little blotchy in photographs such as yellows, oranges, reds but that varies between lighting situations. Natural light through a window or outside allows the photograph to portray the flowers true color and detail. Strong pigments can be adjusted by the wonderful photographer you hire :)

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

There is usually a trend or two for flowers, more so about design, then the flower itself. The best thing you can do is research wedding sites and florists portfolios. Within the past couple years, flower design has included branches, fruits, rocks, very unique vegetation and steering away from jewels or gems. There has been a big push in clean and modern bouquets that include organic sculptures of leaves and grasses. Remember to find flowers that compliment each other in color and size. Check out these two florists in the Bay Area, I adore their work – Nancy Liu Chin & Tapestry Flowers

Flowers by season (my favorite being spring and fall because of the colors to photograph!)

spring: cherry blossom, daffodil, dogwood, forsythia, hellebore, hyacinth, lilac, lily-of-the-valley, muscari, peony, quince, sweet pea, tulip, viburnum

summer: astilbe, cosmos, dahlia, daisy, delphinium, garden rose, gladiolus, hollyhock, lady’s mantle, larkspur, marigold, scabiosa, snapdragon, violet, zinnia

fall: autumn leaves, chrysanthemum, dahlia, seasonal berries, sunflower

winter: amaryllis, anemone, evergreen, forced bulbs, poinsettia

year-round: calla lily, carnation, freesia, gardenia, hydrangea, lily, orchid, ranunculus, rose, stephanotis



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