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March 5, 2008

My Trip to the Town of Toasted Ravioli – St. Louis!

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Photos: Edyta & Lauren

What an incredible past weekend! I went to St. Louis to photograph Stephanie & Jim’s wedding and couldn’t have asked for a better weekend! More to come on their incredible wedding in another post. Not only did I enjoy my favorite St. Louis classic of toasted ravioli on Friday, but the weather was gorgeous all 3 days! It was great to see Jared’s (my boyfriend) family as well. The weather so beautiful – talking mid 70s and sunny – that we decided to head out on Sunday to play! As you see in the photos above, it was a bit windy :)

And you thought “play” meant sitting in the sun…oh no!! We got out the old school hoola hoop (that supposedly once upon a time smelled like peppermint) and Jared had a squirt gun! I had no idea that tossing the hoop around your body took so much energy. I’m embarrassed to say that I was out of breath a few times.

Haha! And now our fashionista pose with the old sunglasses Jared found in the garage (the ones I’m wearing). Wow right? People were definitely rocking back in the days…don’t think they look so bad on me :) It was extremely refreshing to have such great California-esque weather since Chicago has been pretty depressing lately with snow in the forecast every other day.



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