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March 12, 2008

Trends of 2008 – Wedding Cakes

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Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

I thought it would be a good idea to continue chatting about wedding trends for my current brides and all other brides! All you fall brides – time to get your cake picked out! For most couples, the wedding cake ties all the decor together and who can resist dessert? I think the wedding cake remains one of the few items that provides tradition and for that, you want to keep your cake memorable. One of the up and coming cake trends (not to mention very classic and timeless) is fabric designs and patterns.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Fabrics and their patterns have been around for ages – most of them never out of style (well ok maybe plaid), which is why I loved this idea so much! You can take a classic pattern and give it a modern twist. Plus, you can play with colors and different shaped cakes while still keeping it simple. Check out more cake inspirations…

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Check out local fabric stores for inspiration – ask for a swatch or buy a small piece to bring along to your vendor consultations, especially your baker. Your baker will be able to tell you what colors, shapes, and flavors work best for your design pick. Some of my favorite bakers – check out Elegant Cheesecakes if you’re in California & Cake Girls if you’re in Chicago.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

If you’re in love with flowers like I am (check out my flower post) then you’ll LOVE the cakes above. If you want to use fresh flowers then have your florist decorate your cake while he/she is delivering the rest of your flowers. Some bakers will have flowers available so be sure to find out how they prefer it. Remember – use local flowers in season if you want to stay on budget!

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Looking for a design that’s a little more edible? Above are cakes designed with marzipan fruits – although marzipan doesn’t taste all that great but it’s amazing what can made from it. I can only imagine how much detail and a time is put into each piece! If you’re looking for creative Ace of Cakes kind of decor then marzipan is the way to go.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Last but not least – individual unique cakes. All shapes and sizes (some not even wedding cake), the cakes offer a modern approach to the traditional wedding cake. Don’t worry your family won’t freak out that there’s not a cake cutting – just cut into one of them :) This option could be great for the couple that is looking for something creatively different, accommodating vegan lifestyles, or simply loves mini-sized anythings! Costs may vary so be sure to check with your baker.

From a photographer’s standpoint – it all looks incredible through the lens! After a long day, we just want to have our cake and eat it too :)



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