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March 27, 2008

Accessories, Art & Apparel – What could be better?

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Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

A little tap on my front door became the best part of my yesterday! My new inexpensive purse from Esty arrived! I was so impressed with how the seller packaged her product that I have to share my incredible experience with you. Etsy is a community site where artists all of kinds can display their accessories, art and apparel for buyers. I’ve been hunting for a new purse in the stores for weeks so I decided to go online and support other artists. You can’t go wrong with one of a kind pieces! This yellow mustard purse was purchased from Stephanie Bracciano – the person behind Mid West Vintage. “One of a kind finds for wasteless living – shop for vintage dresses, shoes, accessories, jewelry”. The best part is how much thought was put into my shipment (received just days after the purchase). Not only did I receive the purse but a hand-written note and 2 original photographs of hers that are incredible (birds above). What a bonus!! I love chatting about other artists so please be sure to check out her stuff Mid West Vintage on Etsy.

Brides – check out Etsy for unique wedding accessories or gifts. They even have a wedding section where you can find jewelry, ring-bearer/flower girl accessories and blushers! Guys stuff too!



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