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April 17, 2008

Eco-friendly Ways to Go Green on Your Wedding Day!

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Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

April 22 is Earth Day! I thought it would be informative to share some eco-friendly ideas to help make your wedding day as green as can be! Many articles are saying that this is a trend, but I hope that these pointers can become a permanent choice in helping our environment – wedding or not. In my own digital photography workflow, I try to minimize as much paper as possible by communicating through email. My proofs are viewed only online, as well as the album proofs. All my ink cartridges are recycled, and I try to use reusable/recyclable papers and packing materials. Any bit helps! Check out ways you can help!

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

The important parts of planning any wedding; venue, invites, beauty, transportation, favors, gowns, flowers, food, and your vendors. Venue: having your wedding outdoors during the day allows for natural light to be used instead of electricity. The natural surroundings provides incredible decor itself without having to use decorative materials you’ll only use once. If it’s an indoor venue, check to see if it’s a LEED certified building. Invites: choose recycled papers and a press company that uses eco-friendly inks. Or set up a website/blog that hosts your invitation so instead of mailing out paper invites you can email your invitations. Transport: Ask your guests to carpool to the event or use public transportation. You can provide shuttles from location to location or have your guests walk if it’s close. There are many transportation services using bio diesel and hybrid vehicles as well. Favors: Make a donation in your guests honor to a tree foundation or provide eco-friendly nic-naks. Gowns/rings: Buy your wedding dress from a consignment store, check out White Chicago. Organic fabrics, local designers and better yet, you can donate your dress after you wear it! We’ve all heard about “blood diamonds”, think twice about where your precious metals and stones are coming from. Check out these eco-friendly wedding rings. Flowers: Use local resources like farmers markets and local growers. Many of our cut flowers come from South American where many harmful pesticides are used. Organic flowers and plants are becoming more popular everyday around the states. Two online sources for organic flowers – Organic Bouquets & California Organic Flowers. Food: I would say this is the easiest as organic foods have become common to everyday life. Find a caterer that uses locally grown produce and meats that are chemical and pesticide free. Raw menus can provide great vegetarian dishes for your guests as well as keeping cooking energy usage low.

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart

Everyday green habits that you can do: recycle bottles, papers, plastics, cans (check with your local recycling companies for regulations). Keep plants and flowers around your house/apartment to provide air renewal. Change out light bulbs for a lower electric bill and less energy. Eliminate plastic bags and use fabric ones when you head out to the grocery store. You can purchase reusable bags from many grocery stores now. Use organic cleaning products and toiletries such as soaps, shampoos, and hair care products. Also, find out if your beauty products are tested on animals – check out the Body Shop. Use soy candles.

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