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June 30, 2008

Finding the Best Wedding Photographer & Results!

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best wedding photographer

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Once again, thanks for being patient with the shortage of posts! This week is moving week for me so they will be even slimmer :( I promise things will go back normal soon…

I can’t stress enough about how important it is to hire a strong and well-rounded photographer for your wedding day. It’s not unusual to ask a bride how her wedding day went and all she can say is how wonderful it was but it’s all a blur! So many details happen on your precious day mixed in with friends and family, it’s only expected that your memory be a little mixed up!

There are three questions you should ask yourself before hiring a wedding photographer: How much do I want to spend, how do I want to remember my wedding, and how comfortable will you feel with your photographer?

best wedding photographer

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Since your memories of the wedding day tend to blur, spending a good chunk of your budget on your wedding photography is a necessity. The average is about 10% of your budget, which may seem like a lot but remember that photographs are tangible memories and showcase your hours of planning. Don’t forget, a picture says a million words!

Decide on a style. Do you prefer candid or posed portraits? It’s extremely important to do you research on the different styles of photography. Check out photographer’s online portfolios, blogs and bridal magazines – this will help you acquire a sense of style about yourself, which in turn will make deciding on a photographer that much easier. Common wedding photographic styles: Traditional (classic posed portraits), Photojournalistic (artistic candid shots), Editorial (a mix of both). Ask your trusted friends and vendors that you’ve booked so far for recommendations.

Meet and greet. If there is one thing you remember from this entire article please be this – hire a photographer that makes you and your fiancé feel absolutely comfortable! Your wedding photographer should be the quickest friend you make. Spend time at the consultation discovering each other. Most likely you will spend more than eight hours with the photographer on your wedding day so it’s important that you feel a personal connection. It will make being in front of the camera less stressful. Many wedding photographers offer engagement session shoots in their packages, which helps you get to know the shooting process.

Be sure to pay attention to the products and keepsakes in the photography packages. When you decide what style of wedding photography you prefer, you can match final products to your liking. Common package products: albums, prints, proofs, wall art and cds. Go over all your options with the photographer before hiring them that way you are familiar with the contract terms. Since the style of wedding photography has changed so much in the past few years, your photographs are much more versatile with home décor. Photo products are much more modern and artistic.

best wedding photographer

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Looking your best in photos. Photographers are visual people so any images you can provide to your photographer about your overall day helps. Show him or her old photos of yourself that are flattering or clippings from magazines you like. This gives them a sense of angles you prefer and ones to avoid. When standing in a pose, be sure to put your weight on your back leg (doesn’t matter which one) and stretch your other leg slightly in front. Keep your shoulders back and tummy on the tighter side. This gives you better posture.
– Carry any make-up essentials with you or have a bridesmaid keep it handy for touch-ups.
– The secret of black and white photos – they tend to hide skin imperfections better than color because of the shades of gray.

Destination wedding tip: While a local photographer might be less expensive, finding a photographer from where you live who travels will only provide you benefits. Most will include travel in their packages and you will be able to establish a connection with him or her prior to the wedding. The cost may out way the stress.

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