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August 11, 2008

Creating Fun Wedding Photo Booth Ideas!

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wedding photo booth ideas

Photo: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Catching up on my blog readings, I just had to share this! Christy of What Junebug Loves blog showcased some fun photo booth opportunities for your wedding guests. Actual photo booths are always a blast but don’t have the budget or access to one? There are plenty of ways to capture incredible memories of your guests being goofy and candid! Advice from a wedding photographer – without a doubt designate an area for the silliness to happen (even ask a friend to help). You want things to stay as organized as possible and make sure you are clear to your guests about the fun opportunity! If they don’t know about it, it won’t happen! Check out Junebug’s two posts (Creative Photo Booth Part 1 & Part 2) and hopefully they will inspire you to get a little crazy!



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