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August 22, 2008

Ceremony Unity Candle Alternative – Trees!

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money tree wedding unity

Photos courtesy of Eastern Leaf

Friday!!! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Yesterday, I helped another photography studio with post production and discovered this incredible unity candle alternative idea that the couple used. Instead of having the common unity candle lighting, the couple had a money tree at the altar with two tiny water pitchers. They each grabbed their pitcher and watered the tree. The money tree is said to bring good fortune and luck to those who place it in their home. I love this idea because you can keep the tree in your home without it screaming “wedding” like a engraved candle that would burn out. More ideas and traditions…

ficus juniper bonsai trees

Photos courtesy of Eastern Leaf

Types of bonsai trees could be used as well. The two trees on the sides are ficus trees, their trunks are trained to braid. The center tree is a classic type of juniper, very simple and modern. You can find all these trees and MANY more at Eastern Leaf!

There are many other types of unity ceremonies performed during weddings. The most common I’ve seen while photographing weddings are the candle, sand, rose and breaking the bread ceremonies.

greek unity ceremony

Photo: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

While many of these ceremonies have become common in the last several years, others have been a part of various cultures such as salt, lei, circling (as seen in the above image), and broom jumping for years and years. Many of you will know what type of ceremony you will be having based off of family traditions, but consider some of these unique rituals. Maybe even create your own to pass down to the next generations! View more information about each unity ceremony.



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