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November 19, 2008

My Work With Paper Source!

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edyta product photography

So I was doing a little web style shopping this morning (yes I do shop at Paper Source!) and had one of those ‘wait a second…’ moments!  Ha!  I came across some photos I shot for Paper Source a few weeks ago.  My shots featured here are the ones in the banner/header of each page.  There could be more online but these are the ones I came across first.  I have yet to see the holiday catalog that I shot for…I’ve been told it may or may not come out.  That’s how the business goes – some photos make it, others don’t :)  But I will keep you posted…I thought these would be fun to share!

edyta product photography

Banner:  acorn card and polka dot bag

edyta product photography

Banner:  collage of stamp pads

edyta product photography

Main photo: collage of holiday cards

edyta product photography

Banner:  gift bags – this one is funny because it actually wasn’t shot like this exactly.  The image retoucher placed bags in different spots from the original photo.  Oh the magic of photoshop!



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