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March 4, 2009

The Modern Day Wedding Chuppah

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real wedding chuppah

Photo courtesy of Cameron Ingalls

Pretty a-m-a-z-i-n-g right?!  I had a meeting with one of my brides this past Friday. One of her questions was, “I am trying incorporate my Iranian/Chinese and fiance’s Jewish backgrounds – do you know who, where, how I should get a chuppah?” Excellent question!  Wedding ceremonies are full of mixed religions and traditions these days, even couples who don’t practice the Jewish faith still have a chuppah because of what it represents.

*Photos removed by request*

My advice for Grace was most couples build one themselves or have a family member help.  Others rent or have their wedding event/floral designers make arrangements.  Miracle Chuppahs provides more photo inspiration as well as The Knot.  Be sure to assess the altar space of your venue, take measurements and calculate your budget costs.  Current trends for chuppahs involve a rustic feel made with branches/bark or using trees to tie the canopy on.  Other trends involve super chic fabrics and candlelight.  It all depends on your ceremony space and how you want to represent this special altarpiece.  I think the number one key is making sure it’s sturdy :)

If you made your own chuppah – email your photos along and your instructions!  Or share your resources!



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