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March 25, 2009

Trends of 2009 – Custom & Complex Cocktails

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wedding cocktails

Photos courtesy of Brides

Notice I didn’t use the word ‘budget’ in the title?  Don’t fret, I didn’t leave budget friendly info out!  The word on the street says Gin is in this year because of it’s complex and versatile flavor.  You can make swanky, old school favs like martinis and gimlets or casual sippys like sparkling gin and juice.  And by complex, I mean in-depth flavors not hard to make cocktails.  With diy trends all over the wedding scene, customizing a crafty cocktail fits right in!

wedding cocktails

Photos courtesy of Brides

The first 4 images are actually cocktails made with vodka.  You can see from the recipe that infused flavors (exotic or not) is what makes them personal.  I bet you could even replace with gin :)  An on-going cocktail hour trend has been to serve one personalized drink (themed) to your guests (passed around by the catering staff).  Many couples have done this in addition to the beer, wine and spirit collection at the bar. However, with a budget conscious economy, you could certainly replace all spirits for this one drink (then only beer and wine at the bar).  Here you’ll find more info on cocktail hours.  Not sure about your alcohol budget? Need some guidance – click here.

wedding cocktails

Photos courtesy of Martha StewartBrides

A new way to customize your cocktails is luring your guests in by smell!  Sence’s Rose Nectar might do the trick!  As seen in the top right image, you can add herbs and flavorings into the ice cubes as well.  Don’t be afraid to experiment and be creative with your cocktails. You can invite friends over for a tasting!



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