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June 11, 2009

News Flash: Relocal to NorCal!

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Photos courtesy of sfgirlbybay

Drumroll please…I have some exciting news to share:

 J (my man) was offered an opportunity in San Francisco.  After much time and energy spent over weighing our options, we have decided to accept.  While they work out the kinks & whistles and our current lease renewal being July 1st, there will be a lay-over/relaxing period in St. Louis for about a month before the official move to San Francisco.  While the lay-over time is flexible, we hope to be in SF by August, no later than September.

What this means for you:  Current clients (no matter where you reside or when your wedding is): no changes for you!  Blog Readers: more hellos from SF!  Potential Clients: there are no travel/hotel costs for Bay Area residents, CHI/STL residents will see a discounted travel fee included in the wedding photography packages for anyone who books today and on *no charge for current inquiries*.  Friends: you’ll have to come and visit!

The Future: I will still be involved in many projects (Indie Wed bridal show) and weddings in Chicago and the Midwest.  My intentions and goals are to continue my business in both locations and all over.  While it is only natural to book clients in the local region that one lives in, I am confident that Chicago and the Midwest will never be out of reach.  So keep the referrals coming!  I will do my best to let you know where and when I travel so consults, meetings & portrait session will not be left behind.  There will be plenty of opportunities for baby or family portrait sessions during weekends that I’ll be in town for a wedding, time can be allotted if needed!

Thanks for everyone’s wishes, they mean a lot!  Please don’t hesitate to email me if you have questions or concerns.  I welcome open communication. Crossing my fingers for a happy move, now back to work :)



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