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July 27, 2009

How To: A Graphic Designer’s Photography Tips on Improving the Appeal of Lifestyle Brands & Products!

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intro step brightly

Courtesy of Step Brightly & Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Happy Monday!  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  As promised, today starts my fantastic guest blogging series from Hello Designers!  (once a week for the next few) So Etsy sellers, boutique owners and everyone alike get ready for the seed to be planted because I think you’ll walk away with some useful information.  Today we feature the intro to the series.  Readers – meet Lisa, owner of Step Brightly!

Thanks Edyta!  I have been lucky enough to work with Edyta many times both professionally and personally on my wedding. In this series I am going to focus on what I know best: How to brand your company through beautiful and meaningful photography and memorable graphic design. With marketing departments cutting costs oftentimes graphic design and photography are the first to go.

old navy mannequins

Photos courtesy of Old Navy

Have you seen the Old Navy ads with mannequins as models? An easy way to cut costs: don’t use models. Additionally, their studio sets look like they were built at a Walmart garden sale. But you know what? It works for them, and I fell for it this summer for sure. Old Navy has an established brand that is tongue and cheek as well as affordable. The mannequins and astro turf speak to that idea.

hello designers

Courtesy of Hello Designers

The first part of my series is going to be about planning and preparing for a photo shoot for a marketing piece, whether it is a catalog, brochure or even a postcard series. Although web is the easiest and sometimes the cheapest way to engage your customer, it means nothing if no one actually visits your site. And how do you get them to your site? Send them something memorable and special.

My second segment will dive into styling and propping for your photo shoot, and finally, my third segment will focus on, how to create a visual vocabulary for your brand that you, in essence, can pick and choose from to create delightfully impacting and relevant marketing pieces. My goal is to highlight what you, as a client or a creative do-it-yourself entrepreneur, can do to make your brand memorable, beautiful and consistent, which will lead to customer loyalty and success.

All about Step Brightly

Step Brightly Creative Group is the bright-eyed and bushy tailed design studio you have been looking for! We create intentional and brilliant design solutions that are and meaningful to you. With 12+ years of interactive and ecommerce experience we dish through the nitty-gritty of marketing, design and interactive tools to bring the best of the best to you and your business.

Step Brightly specializes in:

• Development and design for brochure and e-commerce websites

• Branding design, Marketing and Copy-writing

• Sound Advice for start-ups and folks who just want to refresh their brand



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