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May 22, 2013

DIY Air Plant Secret Message Packet

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Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

As many of you know, Jared and I are tying the knot after 11 years! And as you’ve probably seen so far (follow the IG/twitter hashtag #edytaandjared) that we aren’t the traditional type :) Yep, I’m in the business of weddings and as of late 2012, Jared has entered it. I frequent them often and have a special place in my heart for them. But of course after photographing so many and telling Jared all about them, we’ve realized what works for us as a couple. Jared and I have some of the bestest friends you could ever ask for. Seriously. They are the family one chooses, and we absolutely believe that. After lots of conversations, we decided to not have an official bridal party. Ok I’ll share our reasons, but these are our reasons why and by no means is there a right or wrong people! 1. We wanted everyone coming to our ‘wedding vacation’ (destination with super small guest list) to have a balls out blast with no strings attached, 2. We’re in our 30s, been together for many years so it’s more about the celebrations than the traditions for us, 3. Avoiding wedding dramas. However,¬†we still wanted our closest closest to feel special and to know that all our wedding festivities (leading up to and day-of) wouldn’t be the same without them! And the diy air plant secret message packet was born! The perfect token was mailed to our bestest to compliment our Palm Springs wedding! See more on how we did it…

A super easy project. What you’ll need:

clear cellophane bags

tillandsias, also known as air plants. we purchased from Flora Grubb here in SF. you can also buy them online at Air Plant Supply Co.

thin wire, pair of wire cutters

design! we measured our bags and designed a geometric pattern via Photoshop. printed at home, used an x-acto to cut each out. they fit inside like a glove. TIP: use a thicker cover weight paper to print your design as it helps as a backer.

text! we designed our message in a scroll format. multi on one 8.5×11 piece of paper. each strip is about 1 inch high, 8.5 inch long.

cut each strip of text out, roll around a pencil or we used a lollipop stick. slide off. insert small piece of cut wire (a bit longer on each end than the paper), fold each end of the wire over the rolled paper to keep it from unrolling. the folded wire ends also create a hanger to place on the plant if you like.

Each packet was placed in a bubble mailer with a care-direction postcard.

“While we aren’t formally asking, we couldn’t say ‘I do!’ without you! xo Edyta & Jared”



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