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January 24, 2012

Wedding Makeup Ideas, Tips & Talk

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Photo: Edyta Szyszlo

Alright brides and really, all ladies…photo + makeup = forever. Don’t ever forget it! Meet Alifa Wong (owner of A La Arte Beauty in San Francisco). She’s my go-to makeup artist, the only one I recommend professionally and personally. Alifa is going to give you the real talk on makeup, and how it relates to your life and wedding. So be on the lookout for more posts of tips, advice and pep talks from her! From Alifa:

Hello everyone! A wedding involves so much planning and so many little details, and as it should, since it is one of the biggest and most important days in a girl’s life. So when it comes to makeup for this special occasion, it should be a detail that is not overlooked. As with everything else that comes along with the wedding plans, hiring your makeup artist will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist questions- lots of it. Get to know your artist and let her or him get to know you. Makeup is not just about the colors on the outside, it can also bring out beauty and confidence from the inside. (more…)

November 22, 2011

Will You Be My Bridesmaid Mementos

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Photo courtesy of Choosing You via Etsy

I recently received the cutest ‘will you be my bridesmaid’ card in the mail. It was sweet, hip and melted my heart! I’m a sucker for classy and sentimental acts of affection. Right me a letter not an email kind a gal if you really want to swoon me :) But it reminded me of the last meeting I had with a 2012 bride. She mentioned the above bridesmaid spools that she gave to her future bridal party to ask for their hand in bridesmaid marriage! I had to share! Your bridesmaids will be surprised and will forever have a warm fuzzy stamp in their heart.

November 1, 2011

How To Organize Bridesmaid Attire – Visuals are Everything!

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Photo: Edyta Szyszlo

This maid-of-honor is going to give it to you straight! Chances are you’re all in different cities/states. You all have different tastes. Luckily, bridesmaid wedding trends have gone casual yet still sophisticated so now there’s an actual chance that you’ll wear your dress again, yay :) Once the bride has decided on her bridesmaid look it’s time to get organized especially if she has decided on a variety of styles. I’m a believer that the maid-of-honor literally becomes the executive assistant to the bride. So how do you communicate the wardrobe the ladies (do this for guys too!) should try, buy, wear? Make a visual board! Do it digitally or physically but do it! Here’s the one I made for my friend’s December 30th winter wedding: warm gray color palette. (more…)

October 5, 2011

How to be the BEST Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor or Bridesmaid EVER!

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Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

So not only was it my bff’s 30th birthday last week (we threw her quite the balloon bash as shown above), but she’s getting married this winter! And yes, the wedding photographer in me knows many of the trends in the whole wedding-hooplah-of-a-world. But I’m a perfectionist that likes exploring my inspirations/ideas. Currently, this maid of honor is planning a west coast & midwest bachelorette bash, I found this well-said article from East Side Bride. I really couldn’t have said it better so I now pass this on to my fellow MOHs and bridesmaid readers! Be the best that you can be :) Feel free to share your advice, ideas and feel-good stories!

March 23, 2011

Educating the Bride & Groom: Expert Wedding Advice from Photographers & Custom Stationer

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our labor of love cheree berry

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Spring 2011 – Our Labor of Love & Cheree Berry Paper

Have you read the latest issue of MS Weddings? It’s a good one. Visually stunning as always but what I really love is the expert advice. Seems lately couples and wedding vendors are playing limbo. What to expect, budgets, time management and overall inconsistency only somersaults into a hot mess. Currently, it’s the time of year for major bookings: Save-the-dates, invitations and the photographer. Start off by reading this photo and stationery article. I know hiring a fantastic photographer can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be! Now jots these things down: know why you like their style, know what photo products you must have,  know your minimum & maximum spending budget, know the photographer’s price point, when contacting please include as many details as possible, be open an honest with your budget (many of us are flexible if we think we’ll be a good fit), and most importantly…don’t flake out. Respond in a timely manner, if their services are no longer needed please let them know (short & sweet response). Most photographers book on a 1st come 1st serve basis. They are interviewing you  just as much as you are them. Happy booking!

February 15, 2011

Extra Extra! Inspiring Engagement Sessions!

creative san francisco engagement photography

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

We are officially post Valentine’s Day, how many of you are newly engaged?! CONGRATS! Because of you and the fact that we are approaching engagement photography season, it’s time to share some of my favorite creative engagement sessions. Couples can go about in several different ways (heavily staged, props, simple portraits), but I like my couples to think about it as a date! Whether it’s day or evening, at home or out, a dates a date! It allows for movement, talking, cuddling and for the photographer to get to know your personality better. Think about what you like to do together? What do you wish you did more of together? What’s fun and relaxing for you? Here’s some engagement photography eye-candy for you: The Classic, The Sunday Morning Stroll, The Artistically Playful, The Urban

August 11, 2009

Wedding Dresses under $50!

wedding dresses under 50 dollars

Photos courtesy of Forever 21

Have a lured you in?! Over the weekend, I stopped into Forever 21 (yes I know, teeny-bop galore) for a couple basic t-shirts. They’re super cheap! Anyway, I found the most amazing twisted strap, white chiffon maxi dress on the 2nd floor of the downtown San Francisco location….AND I can’t find it online anywhere. But it’s still worth chatting about..it was under $30 and super cute!! Lots of us on budgets these days, even more so if you’re planning a wedding. Think out of the box when shopping for that wedding dress….I’m definitely a believer of style but if I could go on a fabulous honeymoon with the money that I used to purchase my dress, I would! The key to an under $50 wedding dress? Research, explore and don’t look for the word ‘wedding’! Go to the sale racks and enter stores you thought you’d never go to. Keep an open mind and think ‘cocktail dress’. Good luck!

August 5, 2009

How To Find The Perfect Wedding Photographer!

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ritzy bee leigh miller

Photo courtesy of Leigh Miller via The Ritzy Bee Blog

Brides and Grooms!  This is a wonderful read about the search for and what to expect from wedding photographers!  Maria’s sums it up nicely :)  A must read here.

July 8, 2009

New Wedding E-Zine Hits Online Stands!

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utterly engaged ezine

Courtesy of Utterly Engaged

Issue No. 001!  Planning a wedding? Click above for a virtual flip…

July 2, 2009

Post-Wedding Weight Gain?!

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Perfect Bound keeping it real…yup, really real with this article.

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