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July 1, 2010

Trend of 2010/2011 – Recycled Paper Cake & Sweet Stands

paper cupcake stands

Photo courtesy of Hello Hanna via Twig & Thistle

Insert the word mini in front of anything and I love it! Brilliant idea from Hello Hanna – cupcake or sweet stands made out of embossed recycled paper will look adorable as a wedding centerpiece or part of a yummy dessert table. Sold in sets of 6, ready as is or flair it up with more pretties. Purchase at Hello Hanna link above.

June 9, 2010

Trend of 2010 & 2011 – Recycled Outdoor Wedding Decor

west end outdoor wedding decor lanterns chandelier bottles

Photos courtesy of At West End

A random yet lovely catalog came into my mailbox today. A perfect lunch break read :) Specializing in recycled home decor, At West End had some super cute outdoor decor. Not everything was my cup of tea, but the items above would be perfect for a wedding!! So let’s continue the reuse, recycle, reduce path into 2011!

June 4, 2010

ABC Paper Cups – O How QT!

Paper,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 11:26 AM

abc paper cups industrial design wedding

Photos courtesy of ABC Paper Cups via The Die Line

So fresh and so clean in design. Love the idea and the colors! How cute would these be at a dessert table or used as props for an engagement session?! Yup, seed implanted in your head ;) Totally digging the creative and drool-worthy light of the photos! I see this hitting the wedding trend in 2010 and 2011! (I wish their ‘making images’ link was working to see the behind the scenes, hint hint!)

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April 27, 2010

LED Balloon Lights!

Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 10:19 AM

led balloon lights props

Photos courtesy of Save on Crafts

While running around yesterday, I over heard a conversation between a mother and son on the bus. She was planning his birthday party and was just trying to locate balloon lights. I thought ‘interesting, good thing I eavesdropped!’ The balloon prop trend in engagement and wedding photos is everywhere so why not light things up with this new twist! Added bonus: battery powered and inflatable! I’d love to try it out, hint hint! More purchase info at link above.

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April 26, 2010

Trends of 2010 – Bridal Fedora Hat Accessory

Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 11:06 AM

wedding bridal fashion fedora hat melissa sweet

Photos courtesy of Aisle Dish

The fall 2010 Bridal Market show had some amazing wedding fashions! One of my favs…Melissa Sweet’s Boho Chic Reverie collection featured an amazing straw fedora hat with pretty details. Perfect for a sunny, outdoor ultra low key wedding or that hip short dress. More pics at the link above.

April 20, 2010

Upcycled DIY Wedding Centerpiece

DIY,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 8:42 AM

railroad tie diy upcycled centerpiece

Photos courtesy of Yes, Please Design & succulentLOVE for 100 Layer Cake

I’m in LOVE, so simple so elegant! The perfect post for Earth Day this week. This just proves what a little elbow grease and environmental consciousness will do for your wedding centerpiece. Kelly – you go girl! Find the full post at 100 Layer Cake link above.

Trends of 2010 – Wedding Chair Socks

Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 8:12 AM

reception chair socks trends of 2010

Photos courtesy of Charles & Marie

Better known as ‘chair personality socks’! Chairs have been decorated in many ways; covers, hanging floral, tags, signs but never socks! Interesting trend for your wedding reception or ceremony but hey, whatever floats your boat! I have to admit, digging the navy and red stripe. Find them in various styles at the link above.

April 7, 2010

Trend of 2010 – Fabric Meets Paper Wedding Invitations

Paper,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 4:00 AM

fabric wedding invitations sleeves bird and banner

Photo courtesy of Bird & Banner

Eeek of cuteness! I love it when textures combine and form greatness! The patterned fabric trend has grown to be a huge favorite in the wedding decor world aka tablecloths. But fabric sleeves for invitations?!?!  I love it so much, I need to sit down. See more here.

April 6, 2010

Trend of 2010 – Modern Vintage Garters Meet Romance & Glam

Fashion,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 1:24 PM

garters pink romantic modern handmade

Photos courtesy of Florrie Mitton Couture

I’m definitely not the traditional wedding type. We know that the garter wedding trend isn’t necessarily followed through these days. But these couture garters (designed by Claire) might change some of your minds! Vintage and modern combine to create a feminine whimsy. You have to check out all her handmade designs here. Btw, how adorable is the name Florrie Mitton!?!?

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March 30, 2010

DIY Painted Glass Bottles and Jars

DIY,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 4:12 AM

painted glass bottles jars diy

Photo courtesy of Canadian House & Home via Apartment Therapy & Poppytalk

Goodness gracious! So simple and yet so genius! A lovely way to spruce up your clear bottles and jars while maintaining a polished look. (if you’re anything like me sometimes those diy projects look a little too ‘diy’…but you can’t go wrong with this method!). A fab wedding centerpiece arrangement, I think so. Links above for instructions.

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