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April 18, 2012

Shelter Co. – A Pop Up Tent Lodging Service

Whoot! I love starting the day with an ‘we’ve launched’ email!! I’ve been dying for Shelter Co. to officially launch and today is the day! “Shelter Co. is a pop up lodging service catering to groups looking for an overnight outdoor experience.” One of those genius ideas that I wish I had thought of, but I am beyond thrilled to support the fabulous wife/husband duo behind this genius idea (check them out on Daily Candy). Kelsey (planner w/ Alison Events), Mike and team – wishing you tons of success all over the world! Now, if there are any couples getting married and using Shelter Co. you can go ahead and HIRE ME!! Please, thanks ;)

March 3, 2012

Three of My Favorite ‘Good Things’ for 2012 Weddings

DIY,Wedding Trends 2012 — Edyta @ 4:06 PM

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

I’ve seen 2 of the 3 pictured ‘good things’ happen at the end of 2011 but boy-oh-boy I can’t wait to see more of all three of these excellent ideas! Who wouldn’t love a neon sign custom made for their wedding day! Move over spotlight initials on the dance floor and hello neon sign by the cake (or wherever you’d like)! Pretty color coordinated silk scarves tied around the bridesmaids bouquets, yes please! A super lovely gift that can be used right away, trust me, the ladies will love them. And last but not least, watercolor! It’s a timeless affect with trend power. Handmade painting love for your save the date, invitation, place cards or menus oh my! See how one of my brides incorporated it here. Find out more info and how-tos for the above ideas by clicking on the above link ;)

February 17, 2012

Dusty is the New Wedding Neutral Color

Wedding Trends 2012 — Edyta @ 4:58 PM

Photos courtesy of: (left to right) Stripes, Floral Dress, Bouquet, Apricot Dress, Props, Flapper Dress, Lace Dress, One Shoulder, Eggs

Learn and learn it good! I love color, and I love neutrals. This, my friends, is the perfect combination of both! Dusty colors! Not to0 far off from the super pretty soft beiges/nudes that we’ve seen on bridesmaids but this offers a bit more variety. I will be a bridesmaid this summer, and the bride has picked ‘dusty’ as her bridesmaids color scheme! It’s very classic, fashion-forward and will be around forever, I just know it. We’ll be wearing different colors, but they will all match in tone and saturation. What is ‘dusty’ you ask? It’s a way to describe the tone and saturation of a color. Think of it as softening and desaturating the vividness out of a color – muted if you will. Not the same as the brightness – as you can have bright dusty. Confused?! Haha, your eye will eventually get the hang of it. Check out the dusty board we’ve created and be inspired!

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