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January 24, 2012

Wedding Makeup Ideas, Tips & Talk

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Photo: Edyta Szyszlo

Alright brides and really, all ladies…photo + makeup = forever. Don’t ever forget it! Meet Alifa Wong (owner of A La Arte Beauty in San Francisco). She’s my go-to makeup artist, the only one I recommend professionally and personally. Alifa is going to give you the real talk on makeup, and how it relates to your life and wedding. So be on the lookout for more posts of tips, advice and pep talks from her! From Alifa:

Hello everyone! A wedding involves so much planning and so many little details, and as it should, since it is one of the biggest and most important days in a girl’s life. So when it comes to makeup for this special occasion, it should be a detail that is not overlooked. As with everything else that comes along with the wedding plans, hiring your makeup artist will be one of the most important decisions you will make. Don’t be afraid to ask your artist questions- lots of it. Get to know your artist and let her or him get to know you. Makeup is not just about the colors on the outside, it can also bring out beauty and confidence from the inside. (more…)

September 16, 2009

Grace & Geoff’s Real Wedding – Chicago

modern pattern real wedding

Photo: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Grace and Geoff (view engagement) were an absolutely beautiful and smiley couple!  Their wedding started the season of travels for me – flying back to Chicago from San Francisco many times until winter.  And what a fantastic one to start it all off!  They were completely smitten with one another and surrounded with fantastic family and friends. Thanks to Amy (my second photographer) for an incredible job! You’ll totally swoon over these images! (more…)

July 2, 2009

Post-Wedding Weight Gain?!

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Perfect Bound keeping it real…yup, really real with this article.

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June 24, 2009

Trends of 2010 – Long & Short Wedding Hairstyles

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brides magazine

Photos courtesy of Brides

Seems funny to say that this is a new trend, but I truly feel that brides are finally letting go of the “I have to grow my hair out for the wedding day” idea!  Yay!  I think we’ll see this trend sparkle in 2010 – mainly because brides are coming into their own style and money isn’t flowing as it used to.  So rock what you feel most comfortable in whether it’s long or short!  Check out more here & runway updo trends for 2010.

April 28, 2009

OPI Fairytale Bride Nail Polishes

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I love San Fran for many many many reasons…it’s home.  But one thing I may love more than others in the city are the inexpensive manis and pedis :)  This, of course, made me think of bridal nail polish collections for you.

Btw, I’ll be back in Chicago tomorrow and definitely back to the full force grind of photo production.  Don’t forget I’m announcing the winner of the “I’m Not Fooling Around” wedding photo giveway on FRIDAY!

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March 27, 2009

Boho Braid Love

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hair braid

Photo courtesy of Wishcake’s Flickr

We’ve seen hairstyles with braids in the scene for a while now.  I was reminded how much I adore the messy-out-of-your-face look when I saw a friend’s facebook pic recently.  I can still french braid my own and sometimes wear messy braided pigtails.  But I’ve always had one dilemma…I can’t seem to figure out how to do a side braid!!  Oh why oh why!  I do have bangs so I find that a challenge as well (on top of my fingers protesting).  Wish me luck! Hair Brained, Cosmo, & A Braid Runs Through It.

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March 20, 2009

Springy Scents

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Photo:  Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Happy Friday!  Yesterday, I had my first engagement shoot of the wedding season!  The sun was peeking through and the air was crisp – can’t wait to show you the photos!  Afterwards, I decided to stop by a store called RR#1 Chicago in my neighborhood (amazing marble tiles for sale).  Such a cute space with lots of excellent smells, and there it was…my new perfume scent (it didn’t know it yet)!  Lilac & Dandelion by Skeem, to.die.for.  I couldn’t decide between it and Vintage Peony – opted for the springier scent full of past memories :)  Even better…the company has an online store with more goodies!! (more…)

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March 10, 2009

Beauty Series on All Things Lovely

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all things lovely blog

Photos courtesy of All Things Lovely

I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now and just now am getting around to it.  I loved Kristen’s on-going posts about beauty (wedding and personal), and I think it’s totally worth sharing.  If you read her blog already, sorry for the repeats!  But if you don’t, definitely check out these posts.  Interesting, inspiring and informational!  I recommend Getting Fit & the first several posts of Beauty.  And if you are bride-to-be, definitely read them!

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March 2, 2009

DIY Hair For Any Occasion…

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Photo courtesy of Bumpits

Please tell me you’ve seen the commercials for this product?!?!  While my mouth expressed weirdness and well…laughter, the gadget is quite clever!  I’m always looking for new hair products to pump up the locks, but this seems like a reusable way to do it!  Yes, I giggled like a school girl and still contemplate a purchase, but if you are on a budget crunch with your wedding this is a great way to bump that hair up…yup, I just said it.  Check out the link above.

February 15, 2009

Upcoming Bridal Events & Trunk Shows 2009!

house of three\'s

Design courtesy of House of 3

Just a quick heads up about the upcoming bridal and trunk shows, fairs, events, gatherings, parties, etc! Click here for Chicago info and San Francisco info here.  It’s a good way to physically see and chat with wedding vendors of all types!

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