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November 1, 2011

How To Organize Bridesmaid Attire – Visuals are Everything!

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Photo: Edyta Szyszlo

This maid-of-honor is going to give it to you straight! Chances are you’re all in different cities/states. You all have different tastes. Luckily, bridesmaid wedding trends have gone casual yet still sophisticated so now there’s an actual chance that you’ll wear your dress again, yay :) Once the bride has decided on her bridesmaid look it’s time to get organized especially if she has decided on a variety of styles. I’m a believer that the maid-of-honor literally becomes the executive assistant to the bride. So how do you communicate the wardrobe the ladies (do this for guys too!) should try, buy, wear? Make a visual board! Do it digitally or physically but do it! Here’s the one I made for my friend’s December 30th winter wedding: warm gray color palette. (more…)

September 19, 2011

Fashionable and Oh-So Dreamy Wedding Flats

Fashion,Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 12:59 PM

Photos courtesy of Aurna Seth

Let’s great real. Heels hurt! And for some of you…height dilemmas might come into play on your wedding day. What’s a girl to do?! Flats flats flats! I found these ballerina flats in the newest issue of MS Weddings and was delighted to see all the variations. They scream luxury, comfort and will add a punch of girlie glam. Order online or find your nearest bridal shop….your feet will thank you.

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September 7, 2011

Enchanted Meets Boho Floral Head & Hair Wreaths

Fashion,Flowers,Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 11:12 AM

Photos courtesy: Natalie J. Watts, Foxtail & Fern, Ruffled, 100 Layer Cake , Meg Perotti

Goodness me, don’t these ladies look magical?! I’ve always been a big fan of flowy wedding hair with a cute hair accessory combo. But add real fluffy florals, and I’m instantly smitten with romance and whimsy. Could be the Eastern European in me?! I’ve seen this look worn more by many European or Australian brides (the key is fluffy and full wreaths) and it really adds a pretty pop. Click more to see one of my all time fav fluffy hair wreaths. Veils…you are so 2010 :)


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March 30, 2011

Frothy & Flowy Bridal Capelets

frothy flowy bridal capelets

Photos courtesy of Johanna Johnson Garland Cape & Glamour Junkie

It feels like 99.9% of wedding dresses are strapless, am I right? And don’t get me wrong, sometimes a strapless neckline is nice. But I know there are several of you out there that love a fabulously designed dress with sleeves. It’s something different, often more flattering but not the easiest to find. So what’s a gal to do? Loving the look of layers on a wedding day. Romantic, frothy and flowy capelets (also under boleros, shrugs, cover-ups) offer some added coverage with a touch of pretty glam! From couture to handmade, you can’t deny a dreamy accessory! Added bonus? Skip that veil because they add creative texture and movement for your wedding day photos!

September 28, 2010

Caroline & Andres’s Real Dreamy DIY Beltane Ranch Wedding

beltane ranch wedding

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy!! Caroline and Andres’s wedding was simply that. All the elements of a perfect wedding day mashed together and  the best part – these two were just beaming at one another! Best yet, my dream of photographing at Beltane Ranch in Sonoma with the most fantastical couple came true. This handmade-with-love wedding will have you drooling over the gorgeous couple, family and friends along with the diy details. Big thanks to my lovely right-hand photo lady, Jenna! Enjoy the sneak peek! (more…)

June 18, 2010

Trend of 2010 & 2011 – Handcrafted, Custom Cocktail, Casual Clothes and Bridal Dress Boutique – San Francisco’s Eel & Ermine!!

eel and ermine handcrafted clothes san francisco

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

OoOoo so excited to finally share my new favorite clothing store in San Francisco with you! Best part?! It’s 4 blocks away from me! I recently stopped in with my camera to do a mini shoot of some of their goodies. I love the throwback concept of one-of-a-kind, custom made clothes, especially these days when you know every other person probably has that same shirt. The next best part?! Oh-so adorable wedding dresses for that perfect outdoor or garden wedding and complimenting laid back dresses for your bridesmaids. So here’s a little bit from Elinor and Evelyne of Eel & Ermine. (more…)

April 6, 2010

Trend of 2010 – Modern Vintage Garters Meet Romance & Glam

Fashion,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 1:24 PM

garters pink romantic modern handmade

Photos courtesy of Florrie Mitton Couture

I’m definitely not the traditional wedding type. We know that the garter wedding trend isn’t necessarily followed through these days. But these couture garters (designed by Claire) might change some of your minds! Vintage and modern combine to create a feminine whimsy. You have to check out all her handmade designs here. Btw, how adorable is the name Florrie Mitton!?!?

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March 24, 2010

My Sunday at the Heath Ceramics Wedding Lounge 2010 – Sausalito

heath ceramics wedding lounge 2010 sausalito

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography, LLC

Hi everyone! Appreciate you coming out to this super cute bridal show in Sausalito and if you didn’t….here is what you missed out on (if anything you’ve got to see how cute my photo backdrop turned out)!! Meet the vendors: Heath Ceramics (registry), La Fleuriste (flower design), Jersey Tomatoes (caterer), Teeny Cake(cupcakes), Olive Route (letterpress invitations), Alison Events (wedding planner), Paper Tape Films(film & video), Pellejo Seco (live music), Raj Tents (tent rental), Scribe Winery (wine), April Higashi (jewelry), Cavallo Point (venue), Alabama Chanin (dress designer) and ME as the wedding photographer! If you are on the hunt for your wedding vendors, please take a time out to view these sites – you won’t be disappointed!  (more…)

March 11, 2010

Fabric Flowers by Emersonmade for Every Part of Your Wedding!

Decor,Fashion,Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 4:44 AM

emersonmade fabric flowers

Photos courtesy of Emersonmade

AH! I can’t get enough of these!!! I’ve always been a fan of the fabric flower (ode to Carrie B) but have you seen these?! You can decorate your reception table, dress your groom and your bridesmaids while strutting your own in your hair, on your dress and in your hands! AH! All categories on site are worth a click-thru.

October 26, 2009

Your Hair Can Sparkle – Shimmers & Tinsel

Fashion,Misc — Edyta @ 12:39 PM

hair bling

Photo courtesy of Hair Bling

I just remembered!  My flight home yesterday, the flight attendant’s hair kept catching the sunlight as she would walk by and I thought, man she’s got shine!  But then I later realized that it was only certain sections of her hair. Anyway, I got up to ask her, and I was informed of the magical hair shimmers. Tinsel like material that ties around a hair strand to add some bling to your hair.  So the researching began and here is what I found. She told me about this place in which you’ll actually find a picture of her hair (lower gray)! Trend or not, it’s interesting.  You can find more info at the link at the top.


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