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April 23, 2012

Product Photography – Hello!Lucky Letterpress Wedding Invitations & Save the Dates 3

Product Photography,San Francisco — Edyta @ 6:16 AM

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo, Product: Hello!Lucky

No case of the Mondays here! I’m continuing Hello!Lucky’s 4 part series today with number 3. In case you missed it, I’ve had several stationery photo shoots in the past few months, and I’m finally sharing all the eye candy with you. In this post, I have more wedding invitations and save the date goodness (some Susy Jack designs!) plus wedding day-of paper accessories such as menus, particulars cards, table numbers and more. Get ready for romance, cool-hip and just plain adorable! (more…)

April 20, 2012

Product Photography – Hello!Lucky Letterpress Wedding Invitations & Save the Dates 2

Product Photography,San Francisco — Edyta @ 6:06 AM

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo, Product: Hello!Lucky

Yay Friday! I hope you all enjoy your weekends! Before you go, let’s drool over some more Hello!Lucky letterpress wedding invitations, and their matching save the dates shall we?! This part two showcases some new Susy Jack designs, Jacqui Lee designs and all kinds of paper delights. There’s even a Nintendo inspired wedding invitation suite ;) I’m sure you’re curious to know where my clients use these images. Most are for website use – hero shots for banners, show stopping attention grabbers for each category of the site, and product thumbnails. Some get used in advertising banners and magazine print ads. All kinds of uses! Enjoy part 2! (more…)

April 19, 2012

Product Photography – Hello!Lucky Letterpress Wedding Invitations 1

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo, Product: Hello!Lucky

Are you ready for this?! Hold on to your paper hats because we are getting crazy with all kinds of paper, letterpress and stationery fun! I’ve had 10 stationery photo shoots since the last product photography blog post so we have a lot of catching up to do ;) You may have seen these images glorifying the web world already but often times you don’t know whose behind the lens! It’s me! Lots of images coming your way…some quirky, others super clean and polished. First round is coming at you in 4 parts! One part a day. Perfect timing for all you stationery lovas and the National Stationery Show in May. Hello!Lucky here we go! (if anything maybe this will teach that’s ‘stationery’ not ‘stationary’…am I right or right?!) (more…)

April 18, 2012

Shelter Co. – A Pop Up Tent Lodging Service

Whoot! I love starting the day with an ‘we’ve launched’ email!! I’ve been dying for Shelter Co. to officially launch and today is the day! “Shelter Co. is a pop up lodging service catering to groups looking for an overnight outdoor experience.” One of those genius ideas that I wish I had thought of, but I am beyond thrilled to support the fabulous wife/husband duo behind this genius idea (check them out on Daily Candy). Kelsey (planner w/ Alison Events), Mike and team – wishing you tons of success all over the world! Now, if there are any couples getting married and using Shelter Co. you can go ahead and HIRE ME!! Please, thanks ;)

April 17, 2012

Youna & Tim’s Elegant and Modern Korean Wedding – Seoul, Korea

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

Here we go! Part two (view part 1 here & their SF City Hall here) of Youna and Tim’s delightful wedding in Seoul, Korea! It was incredibly fascinating to watch how the day unfolded with customs and show-stopping effects :) Korean weddings are more formal in a variety of ways. Traditionally, the wedding day is more about the couple’s parents ‘giving’ them away. Dinner and entertainment (Youna and Tim’s friends performed a few songs!) is provided for the guests. The couple and their parents aren’t given a spot to eat, instead they thank each guest for attending. Apparently, it’s not typical for the couple to say their own vows but they did! Even better, Youna sang a beautiful song to Tim. Heavenly! Youna also bought some fun props for guests to enjoy for photo-taking fun! So you could say they modernized things up a bit. A beautiful Pyebaek ceremony took place after the dinner reception. Youna and Tim performed bows to their family, poured tea/wine, older generations shared words of wisdom and parents threw dates/chestnuts to determine how many children they would have, 9! Such a memorable experience, words can’t express how thankful I am that you shared your celebrations and lives with me. XO! (more…)

April 15, 2012

Youna & Tim’s Colorful Hanbok Destination Love Shoot – Seoul, Korea

Edyta's Real Love Shoots — Edyta @ 8:57 PM

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

Remember all those fun Instagram photos I took while in Seoul, Korea?! Well, if you didn’t quite catch on…I was there to photograph Youna and Tim’s 2nd wedding! Their first was a mini wedding here in San Francisco’s City Hall in 2011. We had such a wonderful time exploring the neighborhoods, eating the incredible food and drooling over the sites. Sure, it was a bit chilly in March but it didn’t stop our charming love shoot session! Youna wore 3 different Hanboks, and I couldn’t get enough :) So many great images to share so this is part 1 of 2 of our wedding week adventure! (more…)

March 30, 2012

The Everygirl Features Hello!Lucky, Photographed by Me!

Yay! Read all about Sabrina and Eunice of Hello!Lucky over at the new The Everygirl! Be inspired by their story, their workflow, ideas and advice! Oh and I photographed the feature ;) Also, you’ll notice a swanky ad for myself in the feature. Big shout-out to Heidi of Spitfiregirl Design for the amazing ad design!! Click ‘more’ to see the ad here… (more…)

March 21, 2012

Karen & Anthony’s Winter Mini Wedding at San Francisco City Hall

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

Yay! Congrats to Karen and Anthony for tying the knot in mini wedding style at San Francisco’s City Hall! They oozed class and canoodled with family on a cozy Friday afternoon. I’m obsessed with Karen’s Kate Spade dress and black tights combo! Ah! Oh and how excellent does her bff look in her poppy red polka-dot dress?! Enjoy the sneak! (more…)

March 20, 2012

My IG Adventures in Seoul

Edyta's News,Photography — Edyta @ 4:01 PM

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo

Hello Hello friends! I’m back in San Francisco and whew, I’m fighting some major jet lag. It was much easier to adjust to the 16 hour time difference when traveling to Korea. Why did I go?! To photograph Youna and Tim’s Korean wedding in Seoul last Friday, of course! And one can’t go and not see the sites right?! So my main squeeze and I packed our bags and explored the city of Seoul. I’ll be sure to give a sneak of their wedding and more when production is done :) Seoul was charming with a mix of old and new everything. The biggest trends were coffee, coffee shops, retail shops/galleries that also sold coffee and multi-cultural foods (Italian esp)! Ladies, it was a heaven for flats! We did a little of the touristy thing and much of the local. I know many of you followed me through Instagram (have I told you lately how much I love you?!) but maybe some of you missed it. Do not fear! Social media is here! On IG and Twitter you can search for the hash tag #edytainseoul (for more images also check out #ashtraybuddha on IG and Jared’s site) and for those of you without IPhones check it out here. Youna and Tim, 감사합니다 (kamsahamnida!)

March 3, 2012

Three of My Favorite ‘Good Things’ for 2012 Weddings

DIY,Wedding Trends 2012 — Edyta @ 4:06 PM

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

I’ve seen 2 of the 3 pictured ‘good things’ happen at the end of 2011 but boy-oh-boy I can’t wait to see more of all three of these excellent ideas! Who wouldn’t love a neon sign custom made for their wedding day! Move over spotlight initials on the dance floor and hello neon sign by the cake (or wherever you’d like)! Pretty color coordinated silk scarves tied around the bridesmaids bouquets, yes please! A super lovely gift that can be used right away, trust me, the ladies will love them. And last but not least, watercolor! It’s a timeless affect with trend power. Handmade painting love for your save the date, invitation, place cards or menus oh my! See how one of my brides incorporated it here. Find out more info and how-tos for the above ideas by clicking on the above link ;)