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November 20, 2009

Jonathan Adler’s Nifty Gifties – New in Spring 2010!

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jonathan adler nifty gifties stationery gifts papers

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Happy Happy Friday! I’ve been dying to share more from my product photography shoot with Lifeguard Press. Today, I’m sharing some of the goodies from Jonathan Adler’s Nifty Gifties Stationery and Gifts line coming out in the spring! So colorful, so fresh and I want everything – from the party and tableware, pencils and pens, notebooks, thermal mugs, greeting cards. My personal favorites are the lanterns, wrapping paper and the gadget/cell/ipod charging compartment box (awesome way to  hide those cords!)! (more…)

November 18, 2009

Announcing New Smitten Sticks Colors!

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smitten sticks photo props mustache lips smiles

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography & Smitten Sticks!

You read it RIGHT! Introducing THREE more sets of colors!!!  Vibrant Purple & Green (as 2nd kit) and Yellow & Rusty Red-Orange (as 3rd kit) will be permanent colors in our collection. And since the holidays are knocking right outside our doors…Green & Rusty Red-Orange (Holiday Combo – as 4th kit) will be offered now until Christmas. Come get your hot new colors here!  Also, come follow our Tweets & Facebook! And now for the photobooth fashion show… (more…)

Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2010 Stationery & Gifts

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lilly pulitzer spring stationery gifts lifeguard press

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

You are lucky this morning! A little sneak peek of the images for Lifeguard Press’s Lilly Pulitzer spring 2010 stationery and gifts catalog!  Wrapping papers, party and tableware, reusable shopping bags, lanterns, luggage tags and our old favorite pom-poms, mugs, papers, greeting cards and more! A special thanks to Cheree, Cheree Berry Paper, for her rockstar designing and styling talent. (more…)

November 13, 2009

Indie Wed Tickets Giveaway!

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indie wed bridal market

Because I love you that much and because it’s Friday the 13th! So I may not be in Chicago anymore, but I will be back for a lovely little diddly of a wedding show called Indie Wed on January 30, 2010!  For the indie and modern couple, this is a MUST go to event. Unique vendors from all over the country will chat, show and sell their goodies.  And maybe you’ll be lucky and book all your wedding vendors there! Imagine Renegade Craft Fair meets the wedding world’s awesomeness of talented people!

I have 4 tickets to giveaway! Tell me what you love about weddings by leaving a comment on this post. A winner (you will win all 4, you gotta take some friends right?) will be picked randomly and announced next Friday the 20th!  What’s the added bonus you ask?! Meeting me!!

November 11, 2009

What Makes You Happiest Giveaway!

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smitten sticks giveaway southern weddings magazine

A giveaway for you!  Check out Southern Weddings Magazine blog here to leave a comment about what makes you smile, giggle just plain happy before 11pm Friday the 13th.  A comment will be picked at random to win 1 Smitten Sticks kit and the new issue of Southern Weddings Magazine!

Smitten Sticks + Southern Weddings Magazine

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southern weddings magazine smitten sticks

Photos courtesy of Southern Weddings Magazine

YAY!!!  When the lovely Whitney of Southern Weddings Magazine emailed to tell us the good news, I gasped! And I imagined all our little stick guys jumping up and down, wouldn’t that be hilarious?!  You’ll find Smitten Sticks on page 12 of the new issue on stands TODAY! Now that’s some good news on this fine Wednesday morning :)

November 6, 2009

Behind the Scenes – Day 4 JA & LP Photoshoot

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behind the scenes product photography

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Friday!  Whoohoo!  I’m a lucky gal for 2 things: 1 we had the best time shooting this week, awesome shots and 2 I’m flying home 1 day early because of how fabulous we all are.  The photo shoots this week couldn’t have gone any better and yesterday was a good day to end on.  Haha, I think I slacked on actual ‘work’ shots but hey, when you have kids around you gotta have some fun right?!  We shot both Jonathan Adler and Lilly Pulitzer gift products on our last day…can’t wait to show you! (Btw, aren’t these JA laterns to.die.for?!) (more…)

November 5, 2009

Behind the Scenes – Day 3 Jonathan Adler Photoshoot

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behind the scenes product photography jonathan adler

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Hump day was a HUGE success! Pretty things make me happy and when surrounded by them for 10 hours, it can make a girl want/need and be tired! I wanted it all! We shot Jonathan Adler’s Niftie Gifts  (could also be Nifty, not sure if it’s determined yet) line of fantastic papers, notebooks, pencils/pens/highlighters, picture frames, thermal mugs, reuseable partyware, etc etc etc! Coming to you in 2010! Can’t wait to share all the shots from both shoots, but you’ll just have to be patient and wait :) (more…)

November 4, 2009

Behind the Scenes – Day 2 Lilly Pulitzer Photoshoot

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behind the scenes product photography

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Oh the days are long but fun!  Tuesday was super busy so my ‘behind the scenes’ photos are lacking but you get the idea. I’ve realized that we need foot massages on set…haha in our dreams!  Lots of great products coming to all of you from Lilly for spring, can’t wait for you to see!  Next stop, Jonathan Adler… (more…)

November 3, 2009

Behind the Scenes – Day 1 Lilly Pulitzer Photoshoot

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behind the scense product photography

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Well hello there Tuesday! We had a very long but successful first day of shooting the Lilly Pulitzer Spring 2010 Stationery and Gifts catalog in LA. The first day of shoots is always crazy (rise & shine at 6am to pick up equipment to getting that printed backdrop just straight enough for the 15th time)…and well, our super adorable paper props (made by Renee) tested our patience without a doubt. Above, one of my fav little guys – mr. bug-eyed frog.  Check out more photos from the day… (more…)