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November 17, 2010

3D Paper Snowflakes

DIY — Edyta @ 7:35 PM

3d paper snowflakes

So excited! I had lunch with friends today, and we passed a storefront with these lovely 3d paper snowflakes! I’ve seen it once before but it wasn’t until this evening that the urge to try and make one happened! So easy and jazzes up any space. My fav instructions came from here but be sure to check the How About Orange blog for more goodies. And if you are lazy or not a crafter (shhh I won’t tell) buy the kits here. Snowflake away!

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April 27, 2010

LED Balloon Lights!

Wedding Trends 2010 — Edyta @ 10:19 AM

led balloon lights props

Photos courtesy of Save on Crafts

While running around yesterday, I over heard a conversation between a mother and son on the bus. She was planning his birthday party and was just trying to locate balloon lights. I thought ‘interesting, good thing I eavesdropped!’ The balloon prop trend in engagement and wedding photos is everywhere so why not light things up with this new twist! Added bonus: battery powered and inflatable! I’d love to try it out, hint hint! More purchase info at link above.

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March 25, 2010

Work It, Work It, Part III – Final Bio & Marketing Photos!

Edyta's News,Photography,San Francisco — Edyta @ 12:09 PM

bio marketing photography pom-poms yellow pink brown

Photos courtesy of Sarah Wert of Modern Kids

What happens when 2 photographers get together for a photoshoot?! THIS! I’ll admit, very weird blogging photos of myself…but when you have a vision in your head and it translates to print so perfectly it causes for celebration :) Sarah, you were simply amazing even though my awkwardness in front of the camera took over at points (you’d think otherwise right? uh, no), you were able to capture exactly who I am!! Too many good ones to post but here are some of the favorites… (more…)

October 29, 2009

Let Smitten Sticks! Rock Your World!

Edyta's News — Edyta @ 4:48 AM

smitten sticks photo booth props favors

Photos: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

Yesterday was the 2 week anniversary of our love-child being publicly born!  And of course, in my hoopla work schedule I forgot :( Do I loose brownie points?  Anyway, we know the sales are a’coming, AND we want to see you using them!  If you’ve purchased Smitten Sticks please send your photos and/or experience to smittensticks@gmail.com – we wanna hear from you!  Also, BIG THANKS to everyone’s support out in the blogosphere, wonderful world isn’t it?  Please keep passing the word along and sharing the good things in life.  You can find more info at the website, twitter and facebook.

October 16, 2009

Thank You from Smitten Sticks!

smitten sticks photo props

Photo: Edyta Szyszlo Photography

A big thank you, merci, danke, grazie, dziękuję, gracias, tack to everyone for your support!  Smitten Stick’s launch has gone better than ever imagined. It’s only been 48 hours roughly and we’ve felt the love. We’ve even sold out and relisted on Etsy a couple times! I love that the blog community loves us, and we love you!  Thanks to Once Wed, Clover & Bee, Rock N Roll Bride, Brooklyn Bride and Snippet & Ink for taking the time and shouting us out!  Please visit Smitten Sticks – there you’ll find links to Twitter and Facebook (along with purchase info) – let us see your tweets and your fan devotion.

PS – Currently, I am in Chicago for more weddings and portraits so posts will be light for the next 10 days.  Still looking for a photographer for your 2010 wedding?!?  Be sure to inquire while current prices are still HOT!

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