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July 8, 2011

Trend of 2011 – Artisan Gourmet Marshmallows

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Photos courtesy of 240 Sweet

It’s no secret that weddings and parties LOVE dessert tables. It’s also no secret that cupcakes, pies, whoopie pies, cake pops and candy have been the most popular items! But watch out! A new sugary puff is in town, and it’s breaking mallow molds all over the country. Add them to your dessert table, serve on own or give them out as party favors but it’s no lie that your guests will love these gourmet marshmallows! Check out the link above for purchase info!

March 11, 2011

Trend of 2011 – Off the Beaten Path Honeymoons

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 12:34 PM

vintage airstream honeymoon

Photo courtesy of Wendi Nordeck via Grey Likes Weddings

I’ve seen several of us dreaming of vacations lately! I don’t blame you, need one myself. But finding one that’s budget-friendly is the big dilemma. Honeymoon trends are showing more signs of diy or even better piy (plan it yourself) trips and I like it! Sure, it can be time consuming but how about you just travel around in an Airstream for a week while picnicking on beaches, hiking, reading, resting and well, you know what else ;) This is my dream! The rest of the photos and styling are amazing be sure to click on the link above!

January 10, 2011

Trend of 2011 – Cozy Winter Weddings

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 11:10 AM

winter wedding

Photos courtesy of Corbin Gurkin Photography via Elizabeth Anne Designs

Lots of creative ideas swarming the wedding blogs the past couple years. But it seems lately, vendors are styling photo shoots geared around winter, and I like it. Winter weddings get a bad rap (maybe because it’s FREEZING!). But if done right with a bit of coziness, it can be extremely romantic and unique. And because we are seeing more and more charming ideas based around indoor and outdoor winter weddings, I see winter 2011 and 2012 experiencing more company!

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November 11, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Hanging Tassel Garland

Things I Love,Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 10:35 AM

tassel garland weddings ceiling

Photos courtesy of Confetti System

I’m already in the mood for the holidays! And parties! And everything yummy that comes with both. I’m also in planning mode for a friend’s baby shower in February. So it was just a matter of time before I found these FAB hanging tassel garlands. OH MY! I’ve stumbled upon a couple weddings with colorful fabric strands hung from walls and ceilings. Loving the new twist to the pom-poms, paper lanterns, mobiles, etc. I’m absolutely in-aw with their color choices and all made by hand! Come….swoon with me.

September 15, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Vintage Popcorn Tin Cans

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 1:24 PM

jolly time popcorn tins vintage

Photo (top): Edyta Szyszlo

I’m totally calling this trend out myself! Taking a break from production, I walked down to my neighborhood corner store and found a little design gem, also known as Jolly Time popcorn cardboard tins! Instantly fell in love with the size and graphics, I bought 3! Now, I’ve done a bit of research and looks like popcorn companies introduced popcorn tins in the 1940s. Um, how fantastic are they??? Of course, I asked the store owner where he purchased the 10oz cans and of course, a food wholesaler. I can’t seem to find today’s version (cardboard tin) for purchase anywhere online. You can find the antiques online through collectors and Ebay but watch out for the hefty price. With our pop culture’s love for typography, decades of 1940 thru 1960s & reusing vintage, I can only imagine weddings will too.  Use them similarly as the tea leaf tins, as flower vases, boxes or simple decor prop elements. If you can find today’s version, they’d make super wedding favors!

September 6, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Wallpaper Photo Backdrops

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 10:07 AM

wallpaper backdrop wedding

Photos courtesy of Wallpaper Collective

Happy Labor Day Monday! With the growing wallpaper trend for home decor, it only seems fitting that the trend transcends into weddings too. We’ve seen fabrics used in the lively photo booth setups at weddings. But how about wallpaper? It’s sturdy, on a roll and very vibrant! From animal prints, retro, vintage florals, minimal lines to gold foil, wallpaper allows for more photo play!

September 3, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Opalescent Wedding Colors

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 2:57 PM

opalescent bridesmaid dress bouquet

Photos courtesy of Martha Stewart Weddings

In love! I think opals are pretty, but I’ve never been drawn to them….until now! When the variety of colors come to life in fabric and floral form, I’m all over it! 2011 brides and bridesmaids, your skin will glow in these tones. Now in case you were wondering: o·pal·es·cent [oh-puh-les-uhnt] – adjective – 1) exhibiting a play of colors like that of the opal. 2) having a milky iridescence.

July 27, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Perfume & Scent Bars at Weddings & Bridal Showers

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 8:53 AM

perfume bar jessica claire

Photo courtesy of Jessica Claire via Inspired By This

We have dessert bars, cocktail bars, candy bars, spice bars, seed bars but a perfume/scent bar? YES PLEASE! Buffets of yummies or goodies have raided the wedding market for the past handful of years. The last couple years, it’s gained huge popularity because of it’s decor ability and providing guests with a fun and memorable activity. Digging this bridal shower’s perfume bar – you could add some earthy men’s scents as well as flirty & floral women’s. Suggest a couple of favorite perfume combinations, small jars with labels and poof – a very memorable and personal favor for your guests! Seek out a custom scent companies for the best approach.

July 6, 2010

Trend of 2011 – Savory & Sweet Food Trucks for Weddings

Wedding Trends 2011 — Edyta @ 4:39 PM

food trucks ice cream sandwich

Photos courtesy of 100 Layer Cake via Unruly Things

We’ve seen speckles of mobile food in some of the hot weddings of 2010 so far…even 2009. But I believe we are onto something big for 2011…savory and sweet food trucks! An inexpensive and interactive (super for photo opportunities!) way to engage your guests and fill their bellies- love me a taco from our local SF trucks! The owners of these small businesses are taking their pride above and beyond in creative design as well. The lovely ladies of 100 Layer Cake guest blogged about some of their favs around the country. Check out the Unruly Things link above!

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