Edyta Szyszlo Photography


I’m East Coast raised and West Coast based and will never get over the feeling of driving these California open roads or the smell of eucalyptus in the city. I’ve been taking photographs for half of my life – starting with my first darkroom class in high school – and can’t imagine any other work I’d rather do. When shooting weddings, I look to tell the story of the day and to capture the beautiful moments, big and small. I love being part of such a special day in people’s lives and to be able to celebrate and document it alongside your friends and loved ones.

The Good Stuff = Chocolate chip pancakes | A book you can’t put down | Magic hour light | Podcast | Returning to a city that you love | Viewing photographs large and in person | Driving down the California coast and feeling like you’re in a car commercial | A glass of bubbly with good friends | Waking up next to someone you love