Edyta Szyszlo Photography


I am a Tennessee girl, born and raised. I could never get lost on a Tennessee back road but find the busy streets of San Francisco have fully captured my heart. The world could stop spinning, and I would never know as long as I had a cup of coffee, my hubs, pup and my great-grandmother’s old quilt. For me, there is a love story always waiting to be told. Three words to describe my work: romantic, organic and natural. I look for the moments that are the smallest; I trust my vision and my heart and know that it leads me to where I should be. I love the hustle and bustle of the wedding day because it shows there is chaos even at the most important of times.

The Good Stuff = Equality | Coffee | Francophile | Warm apple cobbler with ice cream | Rain | Leather | Cadbury eggs | Anything with a history