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Susan & Ben

Let’s be real: weddings and everything about them, from planning to execution- is stressful. Edyta Szyszlo blew us away. With everything going on that crazy day, her fun spirit, humor, unique sense of style and direction, method and spunk uplifted us and made the day actually FUN. It has been 6 months since our wedding and we keep getting told this: “Your photographs are so amazing! That photographer you had was so great- who is she?” And it’s true. I keep looking back at my photos and can’t believe they’re pictures of my own wedding. A pretty event is one thing, but an artistic eye that captures the small details and moments are everything— truly priceless. Photos are forever, so they better be the best compositions. Edyta Szyszlo is a rarity, and she will capture your event like no one else can.

Sarah & Maurice

Where to start?! Perhaps at the beginning, when we first met Edyta at her shared space in the city. We had already interviewed another photographer and got along with that person well, but Edyta blew us away with her personal sense of style, established professional reputation, and the general feeling we got that she genuinely liked to connect with her clients and their wedding plan. She wasn’t pushy, but knew what she liked and how to execute a great vision. She had clear expectations and confidence that we could rely on her to nail our event.

Months later (which included highly professional interactions over planning and expectations) we had a great “love shoot” around San Francisco where Edyta made us feel at ease (or as much as a couple can when walking through a city taking romantic photos on St. Patrick’s weekend). The photos turned out great and we enjoyed the experience.

Ok, now on to the big day. Spectacular! (The day and Edyta’s work.) She and her assistant bore the brunt of 105-degree weather, but did so with aplomb and a focus on execution that was admirable. She made sure to get all of the shots we had described wanting, and managed to do everything without raising our stress level (a critical component on game day). The photos turned out beautifully and we couldn’t be happier with the memories Edyta created for us. Bottom line: great, great, great. We have no complaints or constructive criticism. None. Nada. Zilch. Only admiration and gratitude for a fantastic artist and, more importantly, a great partner in this process. We couldn’t recommend Edyta and her work more highly. Absolutely the best.

Kristin & Eric

We hired Edyta for our week long Chateau wedding in the south of France.  My husband and I are both architects with a very critical eye for design details and Edyta delivered on so many levels.
She is truly a gifted artist, she gracefully and professionally executed all aspects of our wedding photo shoot.  She was a calming force throughout the day, offering great tips and advice without being intrusive in any way. I was extremely impressed with the artful photos and the speed in which she delivered them to us. I would highly recommend Edyta for your wedding or any other special occasion.

Vanessa & Troy

As a bride, and full time Corporate Event Planner, I could not think of a more perfect photographer to capture all of the love and hard-work my groom and I put into our wedding than Edyta. She preserved the moments and details in a spectacularly romantic and photojournalistic style. I have had several friends and family members comment how they routinely reference our wedding photos for candid shots of themselves and their own family- an excellent “gift” to give your guests! I would highly recommend Edyta and I hope I can use her talents again in the future!

Logan & Kyle

Working with Edya was a dream. She was the perfect mix of fun and professional and did so much to keep us calm + at ease while our nerves were all over the place. Best of all, our images truly reflect all the emotions and feelings of love and excitement we had that day — we will treasure them FOREVER! Thank you!

Mylinh & Patrick

This is going to sound similar to the other reviews here, but I’ll say it anyways. Let me tell you a bit about our experience with Edyta Szyszlo…we were absolutely thrilled with her! She was amazing throughout the entire process. She is creative, friendly, charismatic, and professional and produces fantastic photos. Overall, Edyta is a phenomenal photographer and we would absolutely recommend her to anyone. We hired Edyta for our engagement photos and our wedding, which was in July 2011 (yeah, I know this review is a little late). At both events, she was very skilled at finding locations that fit our style. She puts a unique, modern spin on wedding/engagement photography. On our wedding day, Edyta managed all aspects of her job beautifully. She just “gets it” and it shows in the way she carries herself and in the final product. She was prompt, organized, energetic and patient, despite dealing with a large group of (sometimes difficult) family members over a long day. We got so many compliments on Edyta on the wedding day. Each one was well deserved. We knew how skilled she was before we hired her and we loved her work. When our final photos came back, she did not disappoint. We were blown away! Each of the 800+ pictures were wonderful. We could not be happier with the role that Edyta played in our big day.


AMAZING. Our wedding photos are incredible, people loved her. I am currently thinking of something to do that will require her to photograph it….love her!

Mollie & Joe

She’s amazing!  Edyta did our small City Hall wedding in San Francisco on January 17.  I’m not very photogenic so was nervous about the whole thing.  My groom and I were out of our minds happy and feel like Edyta’s photographs reflected just how we felt that day.  She made it simple, comfortable and fun.  Hiring her was a great decision.  If I have another event that needs photographing, I’m hiring her.  (You have to check out her blog — so cute!)

Shana & Marcus

Edyta is a true professional and unbelievably talented. She makes the entire photography process so comfortable that sometimes you don’t even realize your picture is being taken. As a result her photography is natural and unforced. You could not find a better photographer for your special event. Engagement: Edyta’s work is both beautiful and modern and somehow manages to really capture the essence of the people she is working with. Also, she is fantastic to work with. I’ve never felt so comfortable being photographed before. Her attitude and direction put us at ease and helped to create a fantastic set of pictures. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!

Mary & Andy

Edyta is amazing-so talented and fun to work with. You know that you are getting one-of-a-kind photos rather than posed shots that some photographers do with every client. I was amazed how well she captured some of the moments during the wedding when I didn’t even know that she was taking pictures. She’s the best of the best, professional, and helps you relax in front of the camera. Highly recommend her!! Photography is definitely one of the elements in the wedding that you don’t want to scrimp on-get the best b/c you will always have the photos. Having a great photographer was one of our top priorities and we saved money in other areas. We had high expectations for Edyta, and she still blew us away! Engagement: Edyta is fabulous and has a really unique, creative style. Definitely not your standard wedding photos. She works with you to create settings and photos that are really “you.” I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for great candid shots that really capture the day. She also does some posed shots, but not the dreadful ones that I was trying to avoid. Also check out her Smitten Sticks! :)

Elizabeth & Justin

Edyta was an absolute pleasure to work with! The pictures that she took are unbelievable. I am very happy with the results. She is flexible and will listen to what you are looking for. I highly recommend Edyta!

Blair & Nathan

Edyta did an absolutely amazing job at my wedding. Her work is gorgeous and the pictures turned out beautifully. She is friendly, easygoing and a consummate professional. I researched 20+ photographers in St. Louis and even some in Chicago and California in various price ranges and her work stood out by a mile. She is willing to work with you on custom packages and her communication with her client is STELLAR. She responds to questions and inquiries in a very timely manner which I found was rare in the wedding industry. It was refreshing to see a young and talented photographer also convey top-notch professionalism. You cannot go wrong by choosing her as your wedding photographer, my family and friends are still raving about my fantastic pictures!

Jaimie & Jason

Our experience with Edyta Szyszlo was nothing short of exceeding our every expectation. Not only was her work exceptional for both our Engagement and Wedding photo sessions, but working with her during the planning process was enjoyable from beginning to end. Edyta is extremely professional, accessible, attentive, punctual, organized and insightful, just to name a few of her attributes. Her demeanor is friendly, yet focused which we really appreciated. Jason and I were impressed with her artistic eye, lighting expertise and confidence. We felt completely confident from the onset that she would deliver in every way; there isn’t one thing we would have changed from our experience. Funny, our families still talk about Edyta as if she were one of our best friends, as she captured the true essence of our relationship together (as well as our relationships with them) on film. Edyta Szyszlo Photography has given us the ultimate gift that we will forever have from our very special day. Engagement: If you’re looking for a photographer to capture the essence of your relationship in a unique, yet natural way, Edyta Szyszlo is the one! We really have enjoyed our experience working with Edyta thus far. Her customer service is terffic and her attention to detail incredible. Our family and friends were speechless when the saw our engagment photos that Edyta took; the compliments were still rolling in weeks after we completed the shoot. We couldn’t have been happier with how they turned out and are looking forward to our wedding day….knowing without a doubt that Edyta will capture all of our special moments, making it look effortless.


This is one of the most talented photographers around! she’s hip and stylish and fun! She knows just how to get the real you to shine through! I would highly recommend her!

Remy & Kevin

Edyta is an awesome photog! she captures the essence of the event without the need for the traditional *posed* pictures…we chose her mainly for this reason and were NOT disappointed! I would hire her again in a heartbeat! Thanks Edyta! She was creative, professional, and easy to work with. Our wedding pictures are fantastic!

Brieanne & Brandon

Edyta was extremely helpful during the process and professional during the event. There was not ONE photograph I did not like (and there were almost 1,000 of them). I would not hesitate to recommend her or use her for future events–I could not be happier with any aspect of her services! I couldn’t be happier with Edyta’s services. Her communication was prompt and thorough. She was flexible with customizing a package that suited my needs, she gave input (when requested) regarding details for the wedding. She was always pleasant and professional. Barely any guests noticed her presence (so she was not intrusive), yet she captured many intimate moments. She photographed my wedding by herself, but it wasn’t obvious from the variety of angles/numerous she shots she got of all things that took place during the wedding. I have had countless compliments on my wedding photos, and I am in love with every single one of them (and I usually don’t like pictures of myself!). I keep trying to come up with excuses to use her again!

Kassandra & David

Edyta was amazing!! She made everyone feel completely at ease the whole time she was with us. She was extremely professional the whole time, but not strict at all. I would recommend her to anyone and everyone!!

Liz & Mike

Edyta is hands-down the best photographer out there. she has such a unique eye that truly captures the personality, excitement, and love of the couple/event she’s photographing. Her work is flawless – classic, fun, modern, creative, perfect. she will bend over backwards to do anything for you to make your day the absolute best it can be. I love her easy-going nature and willingness to take risks in her work – the final product is out of this world! she was by far the best thing that happened to us and our wedding day – her photos have gained raves and raves from family, friends and strangers – we really can’t thank her enough for her unbelievable work!

Karen & Dan

I couldn’t love Edyta more! I want her to photograph every event in my life. She did my wedding and was AMAZING! Her photojournalism approach made my wedding look, well, even better than it really was, which was pretty great. Edyta captured shots with a clever eye and artistic vision. Edyta was the first wedding vendor I booked, even before I had a date and venue, because I loved her work that much. She lives in San Fran now, but will travel back to Chicago for weddings.

Kristen & Matt

We hired Edyta to photograph our Sept 8, 2007 wedding in San Francisco. Edyta was the best vendor of everyone we hired for the occasion and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a photographer with an incredible sense of style and composition as well as an incredibly reasonable price. Here’s why Edyta is so great:

- Fabulous artistic photos, just look at the “wedding” albums on her website

- Subtle in action at the event. We didn’t want too many cheesy posed photos and she was happy to capture the day as it happened without being obtrusive

- Our wedding album design is phenomenal – very modern and all I could ask for in an album. She sent proofs via email for us to review and comment on.

- Her price point was great for us, I’d imagine she’s raised her prices since our wedding, but she is absolutely worth it.

- And for my most favorite quality second only to ability as a photographer, Edyta is a PROFESSIONAL!! This is a huge relief and giant HOORAY for anyone else who is a professional and enjoys a level of responsiveness to communication. Not like the flaky florist who only replies to your email after 2 weeks have passed. To add to her professionalism, she even sends out “one month” and “one week” check in emails prior to the wedding to make sure you have everything all set and she’s aware of what kinds of photos you want, when, etc. If you’re thinking of booking Edyta for your event, sign the contract now before she books up for your date!

Terri & Adam

I can’t say much that everyone else hasn’t said, but I want to echo ALL of it. Edyta is the perfect wedding photographer. Seriously. Look no further. She’s professional, organized, kind, genuinely interested, calming, thorough, quick. and her packages are quite reasonable. She does weddings in san francisco and Chicago. We are in love with our wedding photos and her work on them!